스튜디오 허무것도 (Studio Heomugeoto)

is an international artist group. The name derives from Korean and means as much as nothing, the ephemeral, useless. As part of the ongoing research project Stages of Grief the artists focus on the sonic aspects of mourning, fear & darkness. Artistic artifacts of these investigations are presented interdisciplinary in installations, books, concerts & performances.


Transient Skin

Studio Heomugeoto embraces the inner & outer processes of mourning. The exhibition of artistic research artifacts creates a narrative on grieving, navigating between the borders of the shared & private. Sound, sculpture, text & print are used to reflect on lostness, fear & death.

As part of: CTM Festival Berlin (Jan 18th - Feb 4th 2019)

Gallery ZÖNOTÉKA Opening: Jan 23rd | Exhibition: Jan 24rd - Feb 22nd 2019 (Wed - Sat 2PM - 6PM)

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Tar Drops - new book of photographs (2018)
21cm x 21cm
48 pages
10-20€ (sliding scale)

Tar Drops - individual prints
15cm x 19cm
print on paper
20-50€ (sliding scale)

Books & prints can be purchased on demand - mail[at]robert-stokowy[dot]de
exhibition of prints coming soon...


structures [miami]
scores for performative radically site-specific sound installations

Bass Museum
1111 Lincoln Road
Museum Park
344 se 2nd ave
South Pointe Pier
Alfred Dupont Building
Pérez Art Museum Miami

40 pages
self published

Russia Tour.jpg


The international artist group presents works from their work cycle ‘Stages of Grief’ during a tour through Russia in February 2019. Short-term exhibitions, performances in sound & poetry and artist talks will be presented. By use of poetry, sound, text, drawing and printmaking the artists will create an intimate & profound narrative on the dark, lostness & different manifestations of absence.

Moscow | 12 - 14 February St. Petersburg | 15 - 17 February Nizhny Novgorod | 18 - 20 February

funded by: ifa