Starting in April 2019 STRUCTURES [ ALBUQUERQUE ] will be exhibited in eight locations on Open Space Land in Albuquerque, NM, USA. This conceptual installation combines visual, sonic & other sensory elements found at each site with a text based work. The resulting artwork is an imaginary construct that co-depends on the performer & her/his environment.

Get your info & brochures at Open Space Visitor Center (6500 Coors Blvd NW, Albuquerque, NM 87120, USA)
EXHIBITION - April 2019 - April 2020

STRUCTURES [ ALBUQUERQUE ] is supported by:
City of Albuquerque - Open Space & The Berlin Senat Department of Culture & Europe

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July 30th - August 7th | UK-wide Tour

Immateriality is a new touring exhibition, showcasing the work of seven contemporary artists, each exploring sound as the primary medium or subject matter. It is a collection of work that examines the material and physical limitations of sound. Artistic responses to this theme are diverse, taking the form of sculptural works, sound installations, musical instruments, publications, sheet music, and text-based artworks.

The collection highlights the conceptual, philosophical, and phenomenological relationships between sound and silence – presenting both material and immaterial sonic experiences. Most of the works do not create audible sound; instead, relying on the participation and willingness of the audience to produce it, either acoustically in the space or internally in their minds. Collectively the work posits a fundamental question: what is necessary for sound to exist?

For this exhibition the artists present an austere body of work that is minimally constructed and fabricated with inexpensive materials; reflecting a generation of independent artists trying to continue to produce meaningful work despite pressures from precarious living situations, personal hardship, and difficult financial times.

Immateriality has been curated by Joshua Legallienne and is the latest touring exhibition of sonic art in this series. As with previous iterations, the works are installed, presented, and de-installed in each venue within the timeframe of a single evening, aligning these events more in line with the format of DIY punk shows than with contemporary art exhibitions. By showcasing the work in less formal contexts, it is hoped these events will bring sonic arts to a wider, more inclusive, audience. Immateriality is an independent venture and is run without external funding.