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Tar Drops

"I consider Tar Drops to be a photographic study of beauty that results from simple, involuntary craftsmanship. Reduced, yet rich landscapes emerging from these found structures, full of melancholic charm. Depressingly desolate, yet uplifting. Rough, direct and of unmistakably, radical Kargheit (penuriousness). Then again there are nuances, subtle enough to be easily missed, but full of potential to (re)inform the whole composition.
I would like you to understand this book as a chance to meditate on, with & through this pictures. Use these images as access points from which you depart and are able to experience something that is beneath or beyond the visual & structural means of spontaneous encounter."
from the introduction to Tar Drops

Tar Drops is a series of photographs that I created during a stay on Malta, where I worked on an installation for the Mdina Biennale. Sound is my main medium, but for artistic research purposes I use practices like drawing, writing & photography to create on my compositions. Therefore this series emerged from research artifacts. All photographs are found pieces, that are radically recomposed, yet minimally manipulated. These photographs are fragile, yet rich landscapes. Their reduced composition can be experienced akin to old chinese & japanese paints. Then again the underlying elegance & dynamic tension within the form can be perceived, maybe even heard, as musical.

Tar Drops - book of photographs (2018)
21cm x 21cm
48 pages

Tar Drops - individual prints (2018)
15cm x 19cm
print on paper