스튜디오 허무것도 - Studio Heomugeoto

스튜디오 허무것도 - Studio Heomugeoto is an international artist group founded by Robert Stokowy. Since November 2018 the group works on the multi-year artistic research project Stages Of Grief. The topic death, fear, mourning & memory are investigated in collaboration with interdisciplinary artists and in changing constellations. The project cycle is structured into different phases, that focus on specific aspects of grief. While the approach towards this topic remains indetermined regarding the artist’s preferred practice, sound is the primary tool to gain understanding.

Studio Heomugeoto will publish its research findings as artifacts in form of exhibitions, (concertante) performances, publications amongst other forms of presentation. We invite artists of all ages, gender, sexual orientation & nationality, with(-out) disabilities to reach out to us & collaborate.


Works of Studio Heomugeoto:

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She Wears Yesterday’s News

as part of Stages of Grief
sound object, analog photography, dry-point needle print, monotype & drawing
Retramp Gallery, Berlin, Germany

March 2019

SHE WEARS YESTERDAY’S NEWS is the forth chapter of their ongoing work cycle Stages of Grief, which deals with the process & forms of (re-)presentation of mourning, death, dying, fear & empathy. S.W.Y.N. focusses on thought and memory processes in relation to mourning. All works link to different forms how memory is created, kept and delt with once the person of reference is no longer alive. These memories may be constant, changing, vanishing, slowly fading, ever returning or being repressed. The installment consists of sonic, visual & conceptual pieces which result from artist research.

Thanks to Verity at Retramp & Yujin Seong for the gayageum performance.


Phenomenology of Darkness

as part of Stages of Grief
Installations, Artist Talks & Performances (experimental music & poetry reading)
Russia Tour - Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod
February 2019

MOSKAU | 12. - 14. Februar
Галерея "Пересветов Переулок" (Artist Talks at HSE & British School of Higher Design)

ST. PETERSBURG | 15. - 17. Februar
2,04 Gallery

NIZHNY NOVGOROD | 18. - 20. Februar
Black Hole

PHENOMENOLOGY - the study of the development of human consciousness and self- awareness; as a preface to or a part of philosophy; an analysis produced by phenomenological investigation

DARKNESS - old english deorcnysse "absence of light“; arising from or showing evil traits or desires; derkaz "to hide, conceal“; obscure, gloomy; sad, cheerless; sinister, wicked

Phenomenology of Darkness is an interdisciplinary assemblage by poet & performer Julia Chernenko (Moscow) & artist Robert Stokowy (Berlin). As part of the work cycle Stages of Grief, the artists created an exhibition, guiding the audience through a narrative on Darkness. Each work is closely interwoven with others, as each piece is contributing its own perspective & aesthetic expression, relating to fear, lostness, mourning & death. The contributed works result from a philosophical discourse on what Darkness means to them. Each artwork tries to capture an essential aspect of how Darkness appears, manifests itself and conditions its surroundings. The exhibition, performances & artist talk are inherent parts of a carefully created environment that allows you to reflect of your own individual perspective & experience on/of Grief.

In collaboration with Yulia Chernenko. Thanks to Stefania Danilova for contributing her poetry.

Support by: ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen), HSE & Corporate Library System of Central Admin. District of Moscow.


Transient Skin

as part of Stages of Grief
ceramics, sound, visual projection, dry-point needle prints, monotypes, photographic prints, sculpture
Zönoteka Gallery, Berlin, Germany

January - February 2019

TRANSIENT - (one that is) passing into/out of existence
SKIN - biological phenomenon, life, separating surface between inside/outside; to strip, cut, damage an outer covering, to cover.

The exhibition embraces the inner & outer processes of mourning. How one (can) express her/his sorrow heavily depends on the individual upbringing and the society which dictates norms of how to behave. Artistic research artifacts create a narrative on grieving, navigating between the borders of the shared & private. Interdisciplinary artistic practices are used to reflect on the topic of lostness, fear & death.

In collaboration with Seo Hye Lee & Sangwon Nam.

Supported by: AstA UdK


Under the Sons of Death

as part of Stages of Grief
experimental music performance (tape machine, generative system, speakers, objects & fixed composition)
as part of ART BASEL MIAMI; 777Mall - Mana Contemporary, Miami, Florida, USA

2018 - 2019

This performance is based on the korean traditional mourning service for the dead. 제사 (Jesa) is a ritual in which family members and friends prepare food for dead ancestors. The food is cooked & arranged beautifully on a table in a room. The family then leaves the room for the souls of the dead to come and eat in silence. Afterwards the family joins in and eats the food too.

Under the Sons of Death is a performance that uses this ritual in a musical way. The performers prepare & play two compositions. A silent pause in between the pieces gives the ancestors a chance to come and listen, as it gives the audience a chance to reflect and meditate on the topic of grief.

In collaboration with Sangwon Nam (Berlin Performances)

The piece was performed in Albuquerque (USA), Berlin, Köln, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod.