스튜디오 허무것도 - Studio Heomugeoto

스튜디오 허무것도 - Studio Heomugeoto is an international artist group founded by artist Robert Stokowy. Starting November 2018 the group will work on the multi-year artistic research project Stages Of Grief. The topic death, fear, mourning & memory will be investigated in collaboration with interdisciplinary artists and in changing constellations. The project cycle is structured into different phases, that focus on specific aspects of grief. While the approach towards this topic remains indetermined regarding the artist’s preferred practice, sound will be the primary tool to gain understanding.

Studio Heomugeoto will publish its research findings as artifacts in form of exhibitions, (concertante) performances, publications amongst other forms of presentation. We invite artists of all ages, gender, sexual orientation & nationality, with(-out) disabilities to reach out to us & collaborate.

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