structures [ tübingen ]

radical site-specific Sound Installation
3 speakers and objects
Shedhalle (as part of Generate!° Festival), Tübingen


Three sound objects were arranged on four pedestals, leaving one pedestal empty. This work is another artifact of the research series structures [...], deriving from an artistic research endeavor focussing on the sonic environment of a chosen urban environment. This artwork and its sonic and material composition result from a research process in the City of Tübingen. The idea was to create a radical site-specific Sound Installation exclusively with found material. The combination of material and sound was chosen to give access to a multi-sensory as well as multi-facetted perception of the city's found structures and characteristics. Sound enhances materiality while the tactile information enhances the sonic experience. All selection processes and composition methods were executed in relation to the research findings.



Support: Generate!° Festival

Pictures: Robert Stokowy