structures [ siegen ]

radical site-specific Sound Installation
8 channels
Museum for Contemporary Art Siegen (MGK), Germany


Eight small loudspeakers are positioned on a wall in what appears as a very strict pattern. The seemingly symmetrical order of equal intervals is destabilized by minimal variations in the position of each speaker, destabilizing the balance of the artwork. The loudspeakers emit reduced sounds, recorded in various places in Siegen. Auditory and visual components merge and give rise to a situation, in which the installation's inner tension reveals itself over time.
This work is another artifact of the research series structures [...], deriving from an artistic research endeavor focussing on the sonic environment of the City of Siegen. Proceeding his research series structures […], Robert used the auditory observation results as material for the composition of this installation piece. With sound recordings made in Siegen he created a four channel composition which was played over eight small loudspeakers. Having each channel playing on two speakers, the channels were organized in a specific sequence so that no channel pattern was repeated. This allowed for a high number of different additive sound fields from which an increased sonic diversity in listening perspectives emerges.
The installation was exhibited along with works by Bernd & Hille Becher, Sol LeWitt and Hiroshi Sugimoto. All works were black and white, hence the minimal design.



Support: Kulturamt Siegen & MGK Siegen

Pictures: Robert Stokowy