radical site-specific sound installation
8 channels
Ujeongguk Gallery, Seoul, South Korea
Robert Stokowy exhibited some of his radical site-relative sound objects at Ujeongguk Gallery. This show was a group show with Korean Sound Artist Sangwon Nam (n2), who provided a four-channel sound field in which pretrospective was immersed. For this show he selected three pieces of his Fair-Weather Days Series (2015-2016), as well as two other sound objects. The sixth sound object was made specifically for this exhibition. Along these sound objects Robert showed his visual score Bicycle Tire Print (Hommage to RR).
pretrospective is a Werkschau that can be understood as the starting point of Robert's artistic research endeavor. The goal was and is to get to the core of evident perception of physical and non-physical objects. In order to do so he tries to investigate sonic environments inner structures, their dynamics and balances.
All sound objects dealt with the visual representation of a physical object and its sonic extension. Through this audio-visual combination the static object became a polymorph construct that allowed a perception beyond its usual experience. All objects of the Fair-Weather Days Series were found by the artist. The sounds played from them were recorded in each individual finding place.

Exhibited works:
Seoul Music (site-specific sound object)
Bicycle Tire Print (Visual score)
Fair-Weather Days (site-relative sound objects - Berlin, Cologne, New Mexico)
Targets (sound object)
Luminaria NM (site-relative sound object)




These sound objects were exhibited together with Sangwon Nam's four channel installation qtm. It is a generative artwork project which is results from a collaboration between sound art and quantum mechanics. He programed computing-based generative system applied theory or technic of quantum mechanics. Fabian Kruse and Dr. Sascha Delitzscher from Technische Universität Berlin, as collaborators, measured and analyzed quantum data of Diamonds in their lab and Sangwon Nam created a sound mapping with the data and presented it in a 4-channel-speaker environment. This exhibition presents the collected prototype sounds as processing of the project and plan to set about 1 audible piece and 1 installation work. (this text was taken from Sangwon Nam's exhibition flyer)

qtm + pretrospective will be exhibited in Berlin in 2017. For this show the original sound objects will be exhibited, in addition to Berlin site-specific sound objects.



Technical support: Sangwon Nam

Design - Poster: Ujeongguk Gallery

Pictures: Robert Stokowy & Big Issue Magazine (Seoul)


Special Thanks to: Sangwon Nam, Ujeongguk Gallery Team and all wonderful hosts in Seoul (you know who you are!)