radical site-specific Sound Installation
Holstengate, Luebeck, Germany
four loudspeakers


The Holstengate is a very prominent national Landmark and place of the Sound Installation commissioned by the Cultural Department of the City of Luebeck. For this installation the artist visited the gate found a rich and contrasting sound environment at the place. Surrounded by traffic and inner city rumble this historic building seemed lost and pushed down by the pressure of its modern surrounding. The passageway of the Gate was filled with cacophonic sounds that emerged from all sides. This reverberant passageway was the place of the installation. Four speakers sitting on four columns emitted sounds that were recorded in the immediate surroundings of the gate. The microphones for these recordings were manipulated so that they would use the noises of the surroundings but pick up harmonic frequencies of it. These recordings were played in direct contrast to the existing sounds of traffic etc. at the place. The harmonic recordings mixed with the real sounds and created an interesting and pleasant mixture. The result was a harmonized sound field in the passageway that made people stop, listen and perceive the gate as a special place. Through the use of auditory research and sound, the artist tried to supplement and highlight the need for sensory awareness of our

Obicere was exhibited as part of the Museumsnacht 2016 in Lübeck. Please note that the illumination of the building displayed in the pictures was not part of the artist's work.


Technical support, Pictures: Didio Pestana, burgund t brandt, Matthias Spreng, Andrew Miller & Robert Stokowy