[ marks ]

radical site-specific sound installation
8 channels
Wallraff-Richards-Museum, Cologne, Germany
[marks] was created for the north window of the impressionistic exhibition room with the iconic panorama of the Cologne Cathedral and City Hall near Wallraf-Richartz-Museum. Invited by the museum who commissioned this Installation, the artist created a „auditory painting“ on the window pane in the style of Impressionism. Influenced by Paul Cezanne’s phenomenological approach to painting, Robert Stokowy performed auditory research at every spot visible from the window. He then created a sound composition for his installation out of field recordings that he abstracted. The positions of the speakers created a connection between the visible scenery and the sounds of the installation. With his installation Robert gave access to the to the texture, the history and the contrasts of architecture of this very special place in the city of Cologne with its very rich sonic environment.



Programming support: Sangwon Nam

Pictures: Ursula Moffitt & Robert Stokowy