Klang Tour

The idea of Klang Tour was to get five international sound artists together and travel to five cities within five days. Every day one artist had to make an event in the realm of Sound Art (an installation, a performance, a concert, concept art, action art or a sound sculpture). The other four artists will help that person to create her/his event. These five events in five cities are specific to each place and are supposed to be created during the tour. Therefore the artists dealt with the sonic and given environments of the place in which they made their recordings, artistic research and eventually held their event.

Idea and Concept of the Klang Tour format: Robert Stokowy


Cities of Klang Tour 2016: Greifswald, Stralsund, Rostock, Luebeck, Schwerin.

Artists: Andrew Miller, burgund t brandt, Didio Pestana, Matthias Spreng, Robert Stokowy