Integrated Structure

radical site-specific Sound Installation
8 loudspeakers
Kleiner Wasserspeicher (Small Water Reservoir), Berlin, Germany


16 speakers mounted almost invisibly to the ceiling of the hemispheric water reservoir - nothing more - just the building’s bare structures and sensory characteristics. A subtle sound field faded and resurfaced amidst the sounds of visitors and from the outside. Creating a subtle intervention, exposing essential features of this very architecture.
The architecture of the Wasserspeicher with its rich reverberation and sonic permeability was of central interest for this project. By using pure listening and phenomenological practices, Robert explored the place in and around the Kleiner Wasserspeicher in Prenzlauer Berg. A multichannel sound composition was created, based on the research findings and applied to the place as a transformative tool. Fragile sound structures permeated the room and exposed certain auditive structures, intrinsical to the place. These artificial structures functioned as an access point for the auditive qualities and characteristics of this historic place.

Support - devices & testing: Sangwon Nam

Pictures: Robert Stokowy & Kathrin Scheidt (, Berlin, November 2016)