Integrated Structure

radical site-specific Sound Installation
Kleiner Wasserspeicher (Small Water Reservoir), Berlin, Germany
sixteen loudspeakers


is a radical site-specific sound installation which results from an artistic-generative research project of Robert Stokowy. By using phenomenological practices of auditive-aesthetic perception he explored the place of the Kleiner Wasserspeicher in Prenzlauer Berg. A multichannel sound composition was created, based on the research findings and applied to the place as a transformative tool. Fragile sound structures permeate the place and expose certain auditive structures, intrinsical to the place. These artificial structures function as an access to the auditive qualities and characteristics of the place.

Support - devices & testing: Sangwon Nam

Support - Flyer & Poster: burgund t brandt

Pictures: Robert Stokowy & Kathrin Scheidt (, Berlin, November 2016)