CONCRETE [kõˈkrɛt]

radical site-specific sound installation
46 channels
Bunker k101, Cologne
The composition is based on my phenomenological research findings at the bunker in Körnerstraße 101, Cologne. The space was transformed by adding a dense and complex layered web of delicate sounds, creating an organic situation, offering an access to experience the bunker not as a dead place of the past but as a constantly transforming and changing gestalt that is filled with life.
All sounds in this composition were recordings of paper, for it had a quality that fit the architectural, historic and materialistic characteristics of this bunker.

Concrete Was part of the Electronic Beats Festival 2016 in Cologne.



Programming support: Sangwon Nam

Technical support: Carlo Stokowy

Graphics support - Flyer & Poster: burgund t brandt

Pictures: Robert Stokowy, Christian Piotrowicz, Martin Schneider, Ursula Moffitt


Thanks to: Elektronisches Studio, TU Berlin (Audiokommunikation), Team at Bunker k101 & EBF