Coffee Rings


Coffee Rings

visual score series
2016 - 2018
monotypes on photo mounting board (300gr/m²)
hight: 10,4 cm, width: 14,7 cm

to be exhibited in white frames (hight:18cm, width: 24cm)

not yet exhibited (please contact mail (at) for requests)


The series consists of relief prints that were produced by the artist. Following a written score, specifically framed for the production of this series, monotypes were made as part of an ongoing research process. I investigated the sonic potential of forms that result from indetermined production. The visual artifact becomes a silent sonic piece while it also can be read and interpreted as a visual score for further productions (sound installations, performances in dance & sound). Here the circularity of the score is used as a chance to entering [german: eindringen - to get through, to reach, to urge] the form in order to explore its structure's inner details.

Installation: visual score prints, loudspeakers.

Performance: compositions can be provided as sets for a duet, trio or quartet.

Elizabeth Sung

front: print

back: notation of place & date


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