Current & Coming Projects

structures [ berlin ]
a radical site-specific sound installation
solo exhibition at Galerie im Saalbau, Berlin, Germany.

Opening: June 1st 2018 - 6pm
Exhibition: June 2nd - August 5th 2018; Tuesday - Sunday: 10am - 8pm.

structures [ berlin ] is a radical site-specific sound installation by Robert Stokowy. The piece resulted form an artistic research process that investigates Berlin’s sonic environment. Eight vectors stretch across the city and end at eight speakers in the gallery. A topographic sound composition emerges from each vector and contributes to an abstract synergy of place and time.

this part of the structures [...] series will explore the conceptual interweaving of spacial and temporal characteristics. Object of observation will be the sonic environment of Berlin.


Coming Projects:

Sonic Structures
radical site-specific sound installations & performances will take place in public places.

Valletta, Malta; as part of Valletta 2018

Book Launch & Artist Talk: structures [ albuquerque ]
Robert will present his second publication of the structures [...] series. The book will contain seven sound installations for Albuquerque, New Mexico.

october 2018

Experimental Music Performance: coffee rings
performance by percussionist Alan Zimmerman & Robert Stokowy (electronics)

october 2018

Recent Projects:

page_0_front cover.jpg

structures [ minneapolis ]
is a book of performative site-specific sound installations. It offers seven text-based interventions for specific places in Minneapolis. Sites include Weisman Art Museum, Guthrie Theater, Lake Calhoun, Walker Art Center and others. These installations can be performed by anyone and require nothing but imagination. The installations emerge from a creative & intimate interaction with one’s environment. Spontaneous visual & sonic impressions are the material, the scores are tools & the reader/listener becomes an active performer creating her/his own speculative artwork. All scores were created from, with & through the sonic environment of Minneapolis. The book interlinks Sound Art, Land Art and Conceptual Art. The book is an artifact of Robert’s ongoing artistic research project structures […] which investigates the potentiality of sonic environments in the modern urban context.

available at Eat My Words Bookstore, Minneapolis.


about the book:

- 140mm x 108mm
- seven site-specifiic sound installations (Sites include: Guthrie Theater, Boom Island Park, Walker Art Center, Riverside Plaza, Weisman Art Museum and four Brick Building Intersections)
- 40 pages (including an introduction, instructions and an artist biography)
- limited edition
- all copies are numbered and signed by the artist
- printed in Minneapolis, MN